Complete foreign exporter solutions

What We Do

U.S. Food Imports LLC (USFI) provides a complete solution for the needs of food exporters to the U.S.  We make direct exporting of food products a reality.  USFI handles all regulatory requirements associated with U.S. food imports and assist your company in meeting U.S. regulatory standards for food production and labeling.  With our importer of record services you do not need to form a U.S. subsidiary to access the world’s largest consumer market.  We serve as the importer of record and make customs entry of products so your customers in the U.S. don’t have to.  Your products get to U.S. customers without them having to face the regulatory risks and burdens of importing.

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Increase Profits

  • Sell directly to U.S. buyers without the costs of traditional distribution
  • Improve margins
  • Increase marketing control and pricing flexibility
  • Strengthen relationships with U.S. retailers and wholesalers
  • Improve market intelligence

Compliance Review

  • Ensure ingredients meet U.S. requirements
  • Verify your food safety practices meet U.S. requirements including FSMA
  • Confirm compliance of food contact substances
  • Ensure all label elements meet FDA, USDA, and FTC requirements
  • Verify food facility/canning establishment is properly registered

Regulatory Assistance

  • Arrange GFSI and ethical sourcing audits
  • Provide FDA/USDA/FTC labeling assistance
  • Perform food facility registration and agent services
  • Assist with FSMA and FSIS compliance
  • Help with APHIS requirements

Importing and Logistics

  • Importer of record services
  • FDA Prior Notice filing
  • Importer Security Filing
  • Freight arrangement
  • Customs brokerage